So how much does remodeling cost these days?

A recent survey at listed the following examples of costs for remodeling in 2016.

MIDRANGE 2016 Cost vs Value Report – Pacific Region
Project Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Bathroom Addition $48,085 $33,424 69.5%
Bathroom Remodel $20,401 $15,539 76.2%
Major Kitchen Remodel $66,299 $49,611 74.8%
Master Suite Addition $130,404 $98,164 75.3%


UPSCALE 2016 Cost vs Value Report – Pacific Region
Project Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Bathroom Addition $87,142 $58,686 67.3%
Bathroom Remodel $61,556 $40,936 66.5%
Major Kitchen Remodel $127,491 $90,055 70.6%
Master Suite Addition $264,345 $182,659 69.1%

Kitchen, bathroom and other remodeling costs vary widely depending on the size, finishes, and complexity of the project. Each remodel is specifically tailored to the owner’s needs and wants.

Generally, once we visit your home, discuss the particulars of what you want, and take some measurements and pictures, we can, within five days, provide you with a detailed preliminary budget analysis.

We believe there are issues that go beyond price when considering a remodel on your home. Certainly price is important. The fact is that you will be inviting the contractors, the employees of the contractor, and sub contractors into your home for a period of time from 4 to 12 weeks. You will not know nor have even met most of these folks. Yet, these trades’ people will have full access to your home. You are entrusting your money, your home, its contents and your family members to this group of people. With this in mind, we believe it makes more sense to check out the contractors’’ reputations with regard to cost control, property protection, completing the work in a reasonable time frame, site security, and communication.

We suggest that you call the last five clients for whom the contractor has worked.

We understand the temptation to take the lowest or a lower bid. Many contractors find equally tempting to estimate low to get the job and hope they can make up the difference by charging extras. The low bid approach can cost you time, money and heartache. Buyer beware!

How long does it take to complete the various types of projects?
Kitchen 6—16 weeks
Bathroom 4—10 weeks
Additions 8 weeks & up

In all situations, the time to complete the project depends on the complexity, size, and scope of work. We provide a written schedule at the beginning of your project and each week email you an update along with our weekly invoice.

What are the payment arrangements?

We ask for 5% at signing of the contract documents and then each Monday we will send an invoice for the work completed the previous week. The invoice is due and payable on the following Thursday.

OK, so I am interested, what happens next?

You may have been contacted by us already, if not, give us a call at 503.473.5253 or email us at to set up an initial appointment to go over your needs. This first meeting usually takes 30 to 60 minutes.

We take the data back to our office and, within 3 to 5 working days, will provide you with a preliminary budget analysis. If the preliminary budget analysis meets with your approval and you want to move ahead, we will need to complete a scaled drawing for your project along with bidding instructions. We also ask for a small retainer fee which will be credited to your contract upon signing with us.

Once the plans are completed, we can schedule a site meeting with the major subcontractors involved. Within 5 working days or less, we will provide you with a detailed fixed price contract. If you approve the final number we set a time to meet to sign the contract.

Once the contract is signed and the down payment received we set a mutually acceptable start date and the project begins.

Can we do some of the work ourselves?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we encourage it. We do ask that you keep up with the agreed upon schedule.