Larry Mock


A native of Portland, Larry began his construction career in 1974. He spent the better part of 20 years working on the job as a rough and finish carpenter and supervising the work. Since 2003 Larry develops and implements business strategies, meets prospective clients and bids out the work. Larry is also the project supervisor and visits each job every day. Larry has a client satisfaction rate of 98% during his over 40 years in the profession.

Cathy Mock


Born in Paris, France, raised in Montreal, Canada, Cathy has over 35 years of experience in administrative management working with Fortune 500 companies as well as small start-up firms. In 2007, Larry and Cathy decided the time was right for Cathy to join CCR. Cathy develops company systems for accounts payable and receivable and marketing activities. She also makes sure that all company forms are formatted for clarity and simplicity.

Our role as your Contractor


When choosing a contractor with whom to work, we think it wise to understand what the contractor believes his or her role is. We believe our main role is to advocate for the homeowner. We realize that most homeowners have neither the time nor inclination to do or manage a remodel. Our clients depend on us to develop a team of professionals who are committed to quality, on budget, and on time.

We spend hours reviewing the plans and specifications to ensure that each sub contractor and supplier thoroughly understands their scope of work. Once the project begins, we visit each job site daily to supervise the work and to answer any questions a team member may have.

From day one through the completion of your project, we will advocate for your satisfaction. We work with an accomplished team of professionals committed to your satisfaction. If you want a strong advocate, if you want personalized service, if you want daily involvement from the owners, if you want quality workmanship, a predictable budget and timely completion, please consider CASCADE CUSTOM REMODEL & CONSTRUCTION, LLC.


Our Team of Subcontractors and Suppliers


Over the years we have diligently researched and developed a top notch team of construction professionals with whom to work. Each sub and supplier was carefully chosen based on their reputation, experience and financial stability.

Many residential remodelers “go out to bid” on each project attempting to find the cheapest bid for each category. Rarely does the cheapest bid provide good quality. At CCR, we believe that a seasoned team of quality oriented subcontractors and suppliers who know and understand our expectations for excellence and timely completions of the work makes more sense and creates more value for you, the homeowner.

40+ Years Experience